21 December 2010

Kogiel Mogiel, My Secret Polish Home Remedy (and Sin-Dessert)

Everyone has a home remedy they lean on for a sore throat, especially in the winter time.  Mine just happens to also be a kind of sin food I've made on my own since I began elementary school.  There is something so comforting about this simple dessert.  It's called Kogiel Mogiel

You might also know this as a Kogel mogel, Gogl-Mogl, Gogel-Mogel or Gogle-mogle, in Yiddish.  This is a rudimentary egg-nog, which is why some call it a "Polish Eggnog". 

The recipe is said to be from 17th century Central Europe but, I personally believe that because the recipe is so basic, it could be much much older.  Kogiel Mogiel became much more popular during the 1980's under Communism because candies and chocolates became extremely difficult to purchase.

All you need is an egg yolk and sugar, 1 egg yolk to 1 tablespoon sugar ratio.  Or you can use honey.

Beat it (about 10 straight minutes by hand or less by mixer) until it is super thick and this gorgeous color. And then, you cross yourself, hope your cholesterol levels won't go nuts, and grab a spoon.  Mmmmm...  So bad for you.  And you can put in some rum or cognac if you feel extra naughty!


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