09 December 2010

My Daughter's Christmas Present to Herself

My older daughter had the opportunity to use her allowance money to purchase Christmas gifts for her family through her school this year.  Since she had been extra helpful around the house the past week, we also gave her an extra $10 to buy herself a Christmas gift this year, just like I do for myself every year (nobody can buy you what you really want better than yourself, right?). 

I was so surprised at what she decided to do with her money.  She only spent $7.75 because she said "I wanted to save it for the Bell Ringers", in other words for the Salvation Army kettle.  She purchased a small gift for her baby sister, and a pen and notepad for herself "so that I can write important notes for my own blog, Mommy!".

She didn't have to spend any of that extra money on anyone other than herself, and yet decided that doing so "just didn't feel right".  It's moments like that when a Mommy is just proud...


amarantka said...

I'm not surprising, that you are proud of your daughter! She is very wise girl! but I think it's thanks to her Mum :)
So... where is her blog? :)

Greetings from Wrocław!

Polish Mama on the Prairie said...

Thank you, amarantka! For now, I think she should work on her "blog" in her mind, but I will definitely be posting pictures of her notes for it shortly.

Btw, I am also originally from Wroclaw!!