06 January 2011

My Simple Moment Today-A Part of Simple Moments that make up the Bigger Picture Week

Simple BPM

I didn't get a chance to go to the library today with my youngest.  She decided to nap right before it would have been time to go.

I didn't get a chance to drive to my local PNC Church (over an hour away) to get blessed chalk to write "MCB 2011" above my doorway.  I was on the phone.

I didn't go to my daughter's school to volunteer today for lunch duty, which today was fine as they actually had plenty of volunteers.  I was looking at pictures of family instead.

I went to playgroup today with friends.  We all talked about everything that had been going on with our lives since the last week or week before that we had seen each other. 

We looked at the children, mostly 8 months old, one just shy of a year, and another 4, when they had all met.  We marvelled at how they were hugging each other, snatching toys from each other without malice just simple toddler desire and each child remarkably still smiling and showing they would like the toy back "Please".  They've all grown so fast in so short a time.

My older daughter drew a picture of Poland while the rest played.  She's been missing her cousin.  I've been missing my Babcia, who fell yesterday on ice and who I, for some reason had the nagging urge to call since yesterday.  I called her today and although she is alright, I miss her more and more.  So, I sent her a letter with pictures of us all.  The mail may be slower than email but who doesn't love a simple letter?  My daughter asked that I put this in the letter.

Please forgive the fact that I photoshopped out my daughters name, I don't feel comfortable sharing that.

She said this is the house she would have built in Poland where we could all live together, my Babcia, her beloved cousin, the younger cousin so that the baby could play with her, my dear cousins, my parents, my Wujek and Ciocia, and us.  If only it were so simple...


Kim said...

aww, that's the sweetest picture! Thanks for the kind words over at Mommy Monologues!
I cloth diapered, too -- loved it!

This Heavenly Life said...

You're right -- a simple letter is a wonderful thing to receive, and I hope it makes your Babcia feel better! Childrens' drawings are truly magical :)

Thanks so much for linking up yesterday!

Hyacynth said...

Handwritten love letters are the best -- especially when drawn with love. <3