06 February 2011

For Super Bowl Sunday, I Got Bored

I don't actually watch Football.  I watch Futbol, or Piłka Nożna.  You know, Soccer!  But I got bored and decided to get creative.

Rondele's Berry flavored Cream Cheese on Whole Wheat Crackers, with sliced strawberries, blueberries and blackberries...  Since I am not big on food like this, it turned out pretty good!

Rolled Polish Smoked Cheese, Stuffed with Dry Cottage Cheese, a slice of Cucumber and Radish, on Whole Wheat Crackers...


Everyone ate this much too quickly.  So, after church, I will have to make something else...  Enjoy your game!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Super Bowl Sunday is really that big event in America, huh? ;)

Soccer is booring :P But then again, the only sports that I like to watch is Formule 1 (I hope Kubica will be alright and will be able to drive after what's happened today... it's our only F1 driver and damn good one!), ski jumping (I'm pretty impressed with Kamil Stoch's performance lately, and of course always awed with Małysz!) and... the strongmen competitions xD Though I don't have a TV in Krakow, so I can watch those sports only from time to time, when I'm visiting my family in Silesia ;)

I've never actually seen the American football match (is it the same thing as rugby? I ahven't seen rugby either), only some fragments in movies. Nor have I ever seen an entire baseball match. Actually, for both sports, I'm not quite sure what the rules are and if there are any rules at all, because from the little I've seen, it seems that there aren't xD (It's like cricket. I've always thought that cricket has no rules at all. Or polo. though I suspect that the objective of polo is to look nice on the horse.)

In general, I prefer to play sports than watch them :P And my favorites to play are volleyball, ping-pong and, of course, sailing. (Though I think the word "play" doesn't go with "sailing".)


Polish Mama on the Prairie said...

Amythewicked, I will put it this way. Super Bowl Sunday is almost as big as Thanksgiving here. In other words, IF you can find a business open today (since mostly only Bars are open today, due to the Game), it is mostly empty. Because everyone is home for the game. All day. Even hours before the game. It is a HUGE event.

I have never watched F1 before, I guess I will have to sometime. I don't even know if we have coverage of that here (with our 400 tv channels). Same with cricket, polo, rugby, or ski jumping. I have no idea if they are on American tv. Perhaps another reader might know.

We always watch the Strongmen competitions. ;) We call Pudzianowski, "The Pudz" in our house.

If you enjoy being able to play a sport more than watch it, then Baseball would bore you to tears to watch. It's fun to play but you have to really be able to be a sports spectator to appreciate watching it. There are definite rules for it.

American football also has rules. Which I only sort of understand. Because I don't typically watch it. But I don't watch a lot of tv, anyway.

I don't know if that gave you an idea about how serious Football is here. I can tell you, friendships can be broken over it, sometimes! lol