30 March 2011

Farmer's Cheese Spread or Pasta Twarogowa

My older daughter's first sleepover was at her oldest second cousin's condo in Wroclaw, Poland.  Of course, I spent the night as well so that I could spend more time with my cousin. 

The night started with the two oldest second cousins bathing together and blowing bubbles all over the bathroom at each other and their mothers.  After they were scrubbed and dressed in their pyjamas, the girls snuggled under a blanket together.  They giggled contagiously while first my cousin read "The Three Little Pigs", then I translated word for word as best I could into English.

After two hours past bedtime and hearing constant giggling and listening to them communicate (one completely in Polish, the other completely in English, and yet somehow they understood each other), the girls were separated so that energy would still be had for the funeral of our Dziadek

My daughter snuggled with me on my cousins futon in the dark, the sounds of a foreign city around us but having become familiar after a couple of days.  Her little sister was comfortably oblivious inside my growing belly that she was already a world traveler. 

My older daughter kissed my forehead, proclaimed me the best mother ever, and proceeded to share her new life dream to me.  Of one day living in Poland nest door to her second cousins and playing everyday with them in a hushed voice, my own secret dream for her and her yet unborn little sister.  As the little voice whispered on and on about what games they would play, an occasional word would come out in Polish rather than her native English.  Her words came slower and slower... until eventually it was replaced with quiet breathing.

The next morning was filled with the sounds of children playing and squealing in two languages and adults preparing for a day of mourning. 

My cousin made a breakfast I grew up with and always loved for it's simplicity.  Farmer's Cheese Spread or Pasta Twarogowa can be served at parties, for breakfast, or even for a simple vegetarian dinner.  It should always be served with my favorite food, good bread.  On that day, I needed such a dish most.  I wonder, how did she know? 


1 cup Twarog, Farmer's Cheese, Ricotta Cheese, or even Cottage Cheese if that is what you have
up to 1/2 cup Sour cream or Heavy Cream, if you like
1 stalk of Chive, chopped finely
1 Radish, shredded
pinch of Salt and Pepper

Mix it all together, it's that simple.



Rima said...

That sounds delicious! And I love the story that goes along with the recipe. I could almost picture it.

Our Banana Moments said...

The farmer's cheese spread sounds awesome! I think that I will try the polish meatballs first! Thanks so much for sharing.



Liv V. said...

Wow, I will have to make that this weekend. It looks magnifique!