14 July 2011

More People Who Are Polish: Elisabeth Hasselbeck

I rarely admire and follow public figures and celebrities.  Extremely rarely.  If you speak to me about what soandso wore to thisandthis event, I probably won't know, or frankly care.  Until they are someone I can relate to.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is one of few public figures I feel confident enough about how she has ever portrayed herself publicly to show her as a role model to my daughters.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck's maiden name is Elisabeth DelPadre Filarski and is of Polish and Italian descent, just like my daughters are.  And she is gorgeous, just like my daughters.

Her political views tend to mesh with my own and I have not yet come across any political stances she holds that I have not agreed with (besides supporting Palin, who I didn't feel confident enough in to support once it was reported she said the words "The country of Europe" which I later found out she never said.  Does my opinion regarding Palin change?  I'm not yet sure.).

She dresses like a woman of European background, in my opinion, anyway.  I have never seen her wearing anything inappropriate on any occasions, which speaks highly of her, as so many in today's public light have "accidentally" showed more skin than was appropriate.  Frankly, I envy her wardrobe.

She has kept her cool during very heated political conversations with people who's views appear to be the exact opposite of hers on The View, which I did not watch before she joined.

She has made mention that she breastfed her three children, at least for a period of time, which I strongly support.  The fact, however, that she "felt uncomfortable" with breastfeeding, and then, later I found out that supposedly she was a spokesperson for a baby formula, goes against what I value.  That is to say, that I don't find breastfeeding uncomfortable and that I only find uncomfortable the extremely vocal opinions of people who find what our bodies were naturally made to do as women to be something disgusting and somehow socially unacceptable.  To each their own, I suppose.

All in all, she is a wonderful role model for my Polish American daughters and I am proud to call her a part of Polish America.

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