09 September 2011

9/11: We Will Always Remember

There are moments of human history that require beautiful eloquent words of reflection.

This is one of those times.  And I don't have them.

I just have deep sorrow in my heart of a tragic moment that did not directly impact me, thank God, but impacted me nontheless as an American.

Ten years of remembering, of crying every year watching the names called out in memory by loved ones on the anniversary.  This was not a couple of buildings collapsing.  This was people losing their lives senselessly.

I don't think that recalling where I was when this happened does any justice to those who died.  I was in Maryland at my job.  Noone I knew was among those lost.

Instead, I will be spending tomorrow in quiet reflection, hugging my family, thanking God that we weren't among those who died and remembering them.

Listening to the names being called out.  Singing our national anthem.  And telling my children the story of what happened before their time.

I want them to always remember 9/11.

I wanted to share a link to a reliable charity which cares for those rescue workers who were exposed to asbestos, etc. while at Ground Zero but haven't found one yet that sems reliable and who's vast majority of donations goes to the intended recipients, the 9/11 responders.  If I find one, I will add it here for anyone interested.  Or perhaps you can suggest one.

I thought this was interesting to read, figures related to 9/11 tragedy.  Including the amount of money raised with charities and how much went to the victims.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not even American, but I remember and I will never forget. It was the end of an era, a beginning of a new one; but most of all, it was a human tragedy and it's our resposability now to carry on the memory of that tragedy and to pass it on. I actually envy you that you have the opportunity to do that.