07 September 2011

Wordless Wednesday: A Fairy Charm

The past couple of weekends, we were at Bristol Renaissance Faire.  We were there last year every weekend it was open. 

As usual, we had a wonderful time and learned a lot.  About safety in public, a lot about history, practicing social skills and our manners, that only people who don't do bad things have the privilege of seeing magical folk such as fairies, and other things.

I have a feeling that my two daughters will want to work there as they get older.  My older daughter has already asked if we could try to work as "villagers" next year so that she could be there more often.

Because, after all, she was given a magical charm made just for her and her sister to be able to see fairies better...

Na razie...

I also wanted to mention that in no way was I compensated by Bristol Renaissance Faire or any other related or non related business or person for this post.  I am sharing this entirely because we went and had a wonderful time and wanted to share it.

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