09 November 2011

Indian Burial Mound in Racine Wisconsin

We enjoy finding Indian (Native American) history all around us.  I was having a hard time trying to find it for a while but discovered something. 

Out here on the Midwest Prairie, there were Mounds built by the Native Americans for certain reasons, as graves, for observing the stars, for ceremonies, etc.  I found it difficult to find Mounds but figured out that if you searched for Mound Cemeteries, there are many all around us. 

The only one thus far that we have found that acknowledged the Native American Mound builders was the Racine Mound Cemetery.  That doesn't mean that others don't also acknowledge this but this is the first we found.

Hills are not actually very natural out here.  Certainly, the further you go inland from Lake Michigan, the ground has a natural roll to it.  But they are not large hills with angles and designs that do not fit the natural topography.  It is safe to assume that any unusual looking hill around could be a Burial or Ceremonial Mound.

I wonder why the burial grounds of the Native Americans were sold.  Why they were used as cemeteries for the white pioneers who took the land from the Native Americans who had been living here for thousands of years before.  Why many Native American remains were removed and put in private collections or removed and their new locations impossible to find.

But I suppose it might be better than putting a Walmart on a Burial Ground.

I know nobody buried in this area is a relative of mine.  And that, probably, I will not be buried here.  But cemeteries are sacred places to me and I don't believe some one's final resting place should be tampered with. 

Perhaps because I honor All Saint's Day.

Perhaps because I want to teach my children the history of our new home and I think the Native American history is a very important part of that and all I've found so far to show my children are these Mound Cemeteries.

What do you think about this?

Na razie...

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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

It's too bad people decide to do things like that. I grew up visiting Effigy Mounds. It's in Iowa, but close to Wisconsin I think. It's a beautiful hike and the mounds are near the end.

Jenna said...

I agree completely! It's a shame people do things like this. I also find Native American History very intriguing and integral part of this countries' history.