15 November 2011

A Polish Nursery Rhyme, Biedroneczka Mala and Planning the Next Trip to Poland

I went in search today of a Polish nursery rhyme my mother used to play with my brother and I when we were very little.  It was about a Ladybug or Ladybird, as some call it.

You can find the word in Polish below.  They are also translated into English and a video follows how to do the finger play part of this classic nursery rhyme.

Mama Lisa's Biedroneczka Mala

I've begun working again on teaching the children Polish as my older daughter said something a few days ago that really touched my father and I.

She asked if next year, we could go to Poland for Christmas instead of getting Christmas gifts.  She said she wanted to see Christmas in Wroclaw and asked me if I had ever spent Christmas there.  I had, my first Christmas ever.  And no other time.

At the idea of the trip, we all reacted with an ecstatic "Of course!  Great idea!"

So, where does that leave me?  I have a renewed need to teach the girls Polish and to save up money for the trip.

As I work on our Polish, I will share with you more sites and tips I come across to help you teach your child Polish as well. 

I sincerely wish we could afford the 45 minute drive one way every Saturday and the tuition to put at least my oldest in Polish School but it just isn't an option for us.  And that should not be enough to stop them from learning my first language.

I hope you and your child enjoy playing Biedroneczka Mala as much as we are.

Na razie...

Also, if you feel that you would want to, please donate using the paypal button below to help us pay for our next trip (I promise to share pictures when we go!)...

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