06 December 2011

Sw. Mikolaj in Photos

Dzien Sw. Mikolaj is a Polish and Catholic tradition that falls on December 6th every year.  The date is related also to the Polish tradition of Name Days

Last year, I shared with words about this day on Good Morning, Sw. Mikolaj!

This year, I thought I would share with photos...

The toddler's bed

The elementary school kid's bed

The presents are not expensive or large.  Merely some candy, a small toy and a small coloring book.  Just enough to make the children feel excited and special.

And also enough to create another small opportunity to talk about Poland and it's customs, Catholic faith and Christmas, gifts and where they should come from-the heart.

I know little moments like this are working because when we went to Keylime Cove over the weekend, she told Santa and his elves that the true meaning of Christmas was not the gifts.  That the true meaning was family and love.

Na razie...

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