18 January 2012


Today is the internet SOPA/PIPA strike.

I won't be doing Wordless Wednesday today.  Instead, I'll be sharing you with links so that you can decide if you would like to support the cause and demand that SOPA/PIPA not pass.

If SOPA/PIPA pass, you can say goodbye to this free service.  Wikipedia is doing a 24 hour blackout in protest and instead are making it easy for you to contact your Congressmen to tell them NO to SOPA/PIPA.

Google Petition

If SOPA/PIPA pass, say goodbye to Craigslist.


SOPA Strike

BlogHer articles about SOPA/PIPA
BlogHer is a massive women's blog group which all day today will be focusing only on SOPA/PIPA

If you agree and want to support the millions of Americans already protesting (remember, the more noise made, the more likely the politicians will either a. Hear us and do what we, the taxpayers, their bosses, tell them to do, or, b. Won't listen and will bring home the point that the Occupy Movement has been making, that the government is corrupt and no longer working for the people and under the direction of the Constitution.

New York City General Assembly Occupy Movement SOPA

Occupy Wall Street Strikes Against SOPA/PIPA

I also want to ask you this, if the SOPA/PIPA bills bother you enough that you want to protest and support the movement to hopefully stop it, where were you for NDAA It's not too late.  Speak out.

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