01 February 2012

Word(y) Wednesday: Marytown

After a vaccination at my toddler's pediatrician office, we stopped by Marytown.

I wrapped her in my mei tai on my front so that I could cuddle her and kiss her and whisper to her.  I figured that the shot would sting for a little while and that fresh air and cuddles would make us both feel better.

We walked around the garden and I told her little stories about each spot.

"Baby Jesus loves you"

"Spring is coming, my baby"

"The More You Honor Me, The More I Bless You"

St. Francis of Assisi Peace Prayer

And his prayer turned to song in this video:

I found this in one of the gardens and realized there must be Polish parishioners at Marytown... (I'll tell you about this more in another post)

In the Kolbe/Holocaust Exhibit, I saw this painting and thought it was too powerful not to share...

"Our Lady of Tears"

I needed this today.  I needed to hear the bells ringing for Mass.  I needed to walk into a church that looked and felt like a church.  Where the hymns were sung in the same harmony as my Prababcia sang them.  Where benches outside were carved from solid wood, with thought and skill and prayer, for the purpose of pausing, reflecting, finding inner strength.

Where I can walk safely.  In peace.  Holding my child...

Na razie...


Megryansmom said...

Kasia, have you been to St Hyacinth Basilica? Or St Mary of the Angels or St Stanislaw Kostka or Sw Trojci? These are beautiful churches in Chicago!

Hyacynth said...

So serene and beautiful. An so glad you shared.

Mom Photographer said...

beautiful pictures. I love Sarah... you just reminded me that I haven't been listening to her for a long long time!