24 April 2012

Polish Constitution Day is Coming!

May 3rd is Poland's Constitution Day! 

May 3rd is a big deal in the Polish community.  And this isn't just any holiday, it's in celebration of the 1791 Constitution of Poland, which at the time was considered revolutionary.

Poland's official promotional website of the Republic of Poland, poland.gov.pl, has a great article explaining the May 3rd holiday.

So, what to do in celebration? 

This is a great week to replace or buy new Polish flags, mugs and other items to share your Polish pride.  Check out Dom itp, a Chicago family-owned business which carries your May 3rd weekend needs.  Dom itp was started by Polish immigrant Jan Krynski in 1990 and has been serving the Polish and European community of Chicago and the rest of the USA for 22 years.  Fellow Polish blogger, Pauline of Classy Chaos, is a part of the business as well. 

I hope you go check out their site and find something unique to help celebrate this important Polish holiday.

Some other ideas of how to celebrate around Chicago and other areas.

This year, the Polish Constitution Day Parade in Chicago will be on Saturday, May 5th in Grant Park starting at 11:30 am.  For a map of the parade and other information, check out the parade's website.  Cleveland and other cities will be having celebrations as well.

Whether or not you attend the parade, you can decorate your house with a Polish flag and celebrate your Polish ancestry this weekend with a Polish American cookout.  Make Polish potato salad, grilled kielbasa, and stuffed eggshells.

Of course, you should start the day with a cup of coffee or tea from a Polish mug and visit the Polish Museum of America.

You can also visit a local Polish deli to pick up some culinary treats, such as rose hip jam, rye bread, and pickles.  While there, see if they offer any Polish movies or CD's, which most of them do, along with Polish newspapers, magazines and cookbooks.

Visit a local Polish restaurant, if you are lucky enough to have one nearby.

This holiday is yet another great reminder to share our heritage with the next generation.  Share photos of family members, go online and look up the towns where your ancestors came from, share family stories and traditions, teach them the Polish National Anthem and tell them how strong our families are, what was sacrificed and what was gained by leaving Poland and coming to America.

And contact your families in Poland, if you can, and tell them you love them.  Being Polish American means celebrating both sides, the new and the old.

Check out last year's Polish Constitution Day Parade in Chicago.

Spring is Here!

It's time to start our gardens!  Dom itp has a deal right now for seeds: Buy $30 of seeds and get free shipping.  They carry Polish wild strawberries, leeks, several different flowers, parsley roots (which are irreplaceably delicious in certain Polish recipes), and many other varieties.  Their prices are comparable to going to your local chain or gardening store and they offer seeds which any Pole would be excited to grow and harvest during the warm weather.  It's like having a piece of Poland in your backyard.

Wiwat Polska and God Bless America...

Na razie...

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