19 June 2012

Allergy Remedy from Babcia

I've had a terrible bout with allergies for almost two weeks now.  I'm very congested and coughing often.  The kids have the same symptoms.

I called my Babcia today to see how she was doing, since it has been warm in Poland for the past couple of days.  In Poland, most people do not have air conditioners, primarily because most of the time the weather just never reaches into the 90's or extremely high humidity range.

She has been hearing me sound congested and my cough for almost two weeks now.  Today, she gave me an Old World remedy to cure my congestion.


Polish Remedy for Cold, Allergies, Congestion:

1/4 an Onion
tablespoon or so, Sugar or Local Honey

Peel, wash and grate the onion into a bowl.  Add sugar or honey, mix well together.

Drink the juice from this mixture.

Babcia also reminded me to eat the grated onion, as this also is loaded with vitamins and would be a waste of food and medicine if you threw this part away.

I did as any good Polish Wnuczka would do and, upon proclaiming our love for one another and wishing each other beautiful colorful dreams and sending our hugs and love, I went to my kitchen to concoct this remedy.

It works.  It isn't very pleasant to eat if you hate raw onions as much as I do.  But my congestion has cleared up for the past hour.  I doubt it will work all day but I can always do it again later.

Na razie...


Mel S. said...

How long did this end up working for? My allergies are driving me nuts right now! It would be great to try something natural. Thanks for sharing!

Mel S

Polish Mama on the Prairie said...

Hi, Mel. I did this trick a couple of times that day. I also used saline spray, so between that and adding more veggies and fluids to my diet, it worked pretty quickly to clear up my allergies. :)