27 July 2012

Some of Polish American News This Week

A few things are happening this week.

2012 Summer Olympics

In just a couple of hours, the 2012 Summer Olympics start in London, England.  Poland will be represented with 220 athletes.  Included, the women's tennis star Agnieszka Radwanska, rated the 2nd best women's tennis player in the world.

Some athletes from Poland to watch:

Mariusz Prudel (Beach Volleyball)
Grzegorz Fijalek (Beach Volleyball)

Sylwia Gruchata (Fencing - Foil)



As of a few minutes ago, Poland closed it's Embassy in Damascus, Syria.  The Embassy has been helping U.S. citizens there the past few months after the U.S. Embassy closed.


Polish Ambassador

After serving for four and a half years at the Washington, D.C. Embassy for the Republic of Poland, Robert Kupiecki is stepping down.  The June/July newsletter for the Polish Embassy has his farewell letter, great photos, and other interesting stories to share.  Mr. Ambassador, I wish you success in your next endeavors.


Joanna Krupa

Poland's Joanna Krupa will be on The Real Housewives of Miami this season. 

Here's a great interview on Huffington Post with the Polish American beauty.



If you follow my facebook page, you will know Romney is set to visit Poland on his trip to Europe.  I'm not sure what will come of his visit, but here is some information of what happened this week during Romney's visit to England.  Based on that and his possible comment of having "strong Anglo-Saxon roots" (remember, Poland is not, nor ever has been Anglo-Saxon), I'm going to be watching the news stories from Romney's visit to Poland in anticipated discomfort.  I don't know what or who could go wrong, but I don't know that it could go smoothly either.


New Theme Park in Poland

Check out the new theme park set to open outside of Warsaw in 2014.  The waterpark is supposed to become Poland' largest theme park and will be called Adventure World Warsaw.

Na razie...


Marta said...

Definitely will be cheering for Poland in the Olympics!

Also, ooo excited for Housewives of Miami!

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