13 July 2012

Update On Polish Visa Waivers

A while ago, I wrote about a new bill introduced in Congress regarding adding Poland, among other countries, to the Visa Waiver Program.

I'm sure you saw the video from March 2012 of the meeting between U.S. Secretary of State Clinton and Poland's Foreign Minister Sikorski.  Just in case you haven't, please watch...  The Visa Waiver Program is brought up, as well as whether or not Poland will be added, as of now.

Transcript: Hillary R. Clinton and Poland's Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski
Including comment that "we have strong opposition" to adding Poland to the VWP.

Just what has this opposition been?  Well, I had a bit of bad luck finding out for a while and finally found an article. 

From the Warsaw Business Journal, by Andrew Kureth a week ago, with related links in the article which are important to read as well.

Essentially, Poland is being blocked because some of the countries currently in the Visa Waiver Program are not doing what they are supposed to as part of the agreement of being in the VWP.  And one of the main people using this excuse as "opposition" fodder is a U.S. Congressman in Texas.

At this point, I will make it very clear, Polish America.  Before, there was just a lack of interest in Polish visitors to the USA being able to come over without needing Visas, now there is opposition.  Actual opposition.  Because of what other countries unrelated to Poland are doing.

I implore you, write how you feel about this to your government officials.  Tell them to hold the countries currently failing in the VWP accountable, not those countries who cannot even be allowed to join the VWP.

Don't hesitate to take action on this because you think nothing will come of it, anyway.  That is the hopes of all those politicians who do as they wish, knowing that we will oppose but won't take action.  Speak up!

You don't put your younger child in the corner for breaking your vase when it was your older child who broke it because you let them hold it.  The same goes for global politics. 

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