21 August 2012

It Might Be Mushroom Picking Time

If the mushrooms that bloomed in our worm farm and garden are any indication, I think it might be the right week to go traipsing through the woods around Illinois and the surrounding area for mushrooms.

Not sure what mushroom this is but I doubt it's edible.  Found this mushroom in a pot at the base of a tomato plant in some of the worm castings we had put there the week prior.

And two species of mushrooms in our worm farm, again, I assume they are not edible...


I checked on the worms and they seem to be doing just fine with the mushrooms in the farm.  In fact, I just had a worm population explosion, it appears.

So, have you ever gone mushroom picking?

Na razie...

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1 comment:

Michelle said...

Shhhh, don't tell anyone. But I actually don't like mushrooms. The fact that you have a worm garden though? I love that!