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My First Trip Back to Poland After the Fall of Communism

Fasolka po Bretonsku and Piekny Jas and Memories (About a garden in Poland)

Once Upon a Polish Wedding (My cousin’s wedding in Poland)

A Love Letter to My Home Town, Wroclaw

Souvenir From Poland

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Other Websites I Love About Poland

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Our Honeymoon:

My Husband’s First Trip to PolandOur Honeymoon: Daytrip to Warsaw

My Husband’s First Meal in Poland, at a Small Roadside Restaurant

My Husband’s Experience at a Well-Known Fast Food “Restaurant” (In Poland and the USA)

Mushroom Picking in the Polish Mountains


New Bill For Polish Visa Waiver


Visiting Graves In Wroclaw

When Memory Revisits My Babcia


Shipping A Car Overseas