22 January 2011

Ruskie Pierogi-Potato and Cheese Pierogi

Ruskie Pierogi are probably the best known pierogi.  They are very simple to make but with a distinct taste.  Whether they are Russian or not, as the name possibly implies, is unknown as there are many different stories why they have their name. 

Ingredients for Filling:

2 lbs. Potatoes (I use Whites)
1 1/2 cups Farmers Cheese (see note after recipe)
1/2 Sweet Onion
2 tablespoons Butter

Marjoram or
Dill or
Curly Parsley

Peel, dice, and boil Potatoes until soft.  In the meantime, dice Onion and caramelize in Butter.

When Potatoes are finished boiling, drain well.  Add Farmers Cheese and mash together.

Add Onion and mix. 

Add Salt and Pepper to taste.

If desired, stir in the herb of your choice.  I made 1/2 of the dough with Dill.

Leftover filling can be used as a side for dinner the next day or frozen for use in another batch of pierogi.

Ingredients For Dough:

3 cups Flour (I use unbleached)
1 Egg
1 cup Water, roughly
pinch of Salt
Additional Flour for kneading, roughly 1 cup

In a bowl, place the Flour and Salt.  Form a well in the center and add Egg. 

Mix the Egg with a knife.

Mix with the rest of the Flour.  Add water until the dough is soft and loose.

On counter, add additional Flour and knead dough until it is smooth, elastic, and much more difficult to knead.

Allow to rest for about 15 minutes, covered.  Cut in half.

Roll out until as thin as possible.  The thinner, the tastier.

Cut in about 4 inch circles.  You can use a cup, cookie cutter, a circle sandwich cutter, etc.

Dip finger in water and lightly dampen 1/2 of the circle.  Place filling in center.

Fold over, making sure that no air has been sealed inside.  Pinch closed.

I prefer doing with my fingers, but you can do it with a fork.

Or if you have a sandwich cutter, you could use the sealing feature.

Boil the pierogi in salted water until they float, about 2-3 minutes.

You may then, if desired, fry in oil, butter, or a combination of the two, which is my personal favorite. 

Some prefer their pierogi only boiled, others very crispy fried.  It is a matter of personal preference how you like your pierogi.

I have no pictures of the pierogi ready to be served because everytime I set some on a plate and turned back around after grabbing the camera, they dissappeared because my family kept eating them.

You can also freeze the pierogi.  You can either boil first or freeze raw.  Lay on a cookie sheet without touching until frozen, then place in plastic bags.

You can serve with melted butter or fat, or sour cream.  Also, you can top with chopped chives or curly parsley. 

Note:  If Farmers Cheese is unavailable, then dry Ricotta cheese may be also used but you should season it stronger to make up for the flavor difference.

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Potatoe and Cheese Pierogi on FoodistaPotatoe and Cheese Pierogi


Amy said...

I just discovered pierogi a few years ago, but I've only had the Mrs. T's boxed version. There is a pierogi festival in Indiana every year. Maybe I'll head there to try some real pierogi sometime.

Unknown said...

Amy, Mrs. T's isn't bad. It's just machine made and the fillings are a bit different. But, sometimes, even at my house, we eat them when they are on sale at the store and I'm out of the Polish store variety, usually on days when I draw a blank on what to cook.

But once you make handmade pierogi, you get an understanding why handmade pierogi with all natural fillings (no preservatives, etc.) and traditional recipes cost $4-6/box. Delicious!

I've heard great things about the Pierogi festival, never been, it's far away from me. But I used to work every year for my church's stand at our local Polish festival before we moved out here. Lots of fun and you really learn a lot working with other Moms (Moms cook more traditional food than Chefs do, I think).

Lara said...

I love dumpling/hand-held pies of all kinds. Your dough looks supple - is it the added egg yolk.

Unknown said...

that's so crazy! Today I got up and thought about making pierogi, but before I could start anything I got such a huge headache that I just couldn't do anything but lie down!
But when once in my head I know I have to do them soon! :-) thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

lol! I just looked on the date of this post!!!
OMG!!! I'm so silly!
I can't think today! My head is killing me!

Unknown said...

It's ok, I retweeted it without saying it was an archived piece. HUGS!

Wendy K said...

Though I love to eat them (other relatives of mine make them from scratch still), I've not yet tried making pierogi's myself. You make it look easy - I really ought to try this! Thanks for the instructions! Oh - and what's a "sandwich cutter"? I'll need to look that up... sounds handy!