22 January 2011

My Older Daughter's First Pierog

Today, I made Ruskie Pierogi.  My younger daughter at one point was napping, then for a time was on my back in the Mei Tai happily watching.

My older daughter wanted to help so I gave her a piece of dough.  At first, she was very happy simply patting it flat. 

Then, I gave her a miniature dough pin to play with.  She rolled it flat quite nicely and then cut it into a circle.

She the proceeded to wet it delicately with one finger, stopping occasionally to watch me.  She then called out proudly, "Mommy! I'm ready for my filling!"  In the meantime, I should add she had kept begging me to take pictures of her progress for her own blog, as she put it.

This is her pierog.  Yes, I said pierog.

There it is boiling on the right.

And, again, frying on the right.

Daddy got to eat it.  She was so proud to carry it on her princess plate with a fork to her father and announce "Daddy, this is the pierog I (stress the "I") made!  I helped Mommy cook pierogi today!  Isn't it good?"  I let her make 6 more, which she fed to everyone in the family very proudly.

Perhaps, if I am so lucky, one day my daughters will spend time with me making pierogi around our kitchen counter.  And perhaps, if I am even more lucky, their daughters will join us.  I wish my Babcia was close enough to have seen today.

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Amy's Journey said...

Sounds like a great memory. I have been following you for awhile. Thanks for linking up to Sensational Sunday Follow on Harvest For Tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening!