23 December 2010

Preparing for Wigilia Supper

Tomorrow is Wigilia so I made a few trips to several stores in preparation.

At the Polish store, I bought homemade barszcz, mushroom stuffed uczki, a jar of herrings in oil and onions, pickles, Wroclawski bread, and the oplatki.

At the grocery store, I bought a ham for Christmas day, 4 packs of mushrooms (for sour cream and mushroom gravy, yummm), cabbage and all the ingredients I was lacking for meatless golabki, some fruits, jelly for Kolaczki, fish, and potatoes (I love English Roasted Potatoes).

I have the cabbage in the freezer (a tip I learned from my Polish priests wife, freeze it, thaw it, and it's easier than boiling the cabbage) and have a lot of cooking to do.

So, I hope you all have a wonderful and peaceful Wigilia. 

Wigilia: A tale about a Polish-American family on Christmas Eve

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