20 March 2011

Bigger Picture Moments: Soft Boiled Eggs and a Reminder of a World of Love

I have always loved Soft Boiled Eggs.  My children do, as well. 

My older daughter remembers eating Soft Boiled Eggs with her Pra-Wujek (Great-Uncle) in Poland less than two years ago during her first trip to the country of my birth

And everytime I make them, she reminds me.

To make a soft boiled egg, begin by bringing water to bowl in a saucepan.  In the meantime, place an egg in warm water in a bowl.  This is to prevent cracking when you drop it in the hot water in the saucepan.  When the water is boiling gently, place the egg very carefully using a slotted spoon into the water.  Boil for 3 minutes.  Remove and run briefly under cool water to peel shell easier, or use an Egg Holder and eat by cracking the top off and spooning out (my favorite way but, of course, during packing for our move they were broken).

It seems like such a simple thing and yet, it brings back memories for her that there are other people in this large world who are her family and love her. 

Beyond my small immigrant family who are spread out across this vast continent, seperated from our roots by a vast ocean and too many years of trying to chase that elusive "American Dream" and fill the void that being an immigrant causes.

Beyond my husband's very large family with their constant emotional distance from one another.

It's amazing what a small egg can do...

Simple BPM


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momphotographer said...

Prosta rzecz a cieszy :-) those simple things are the best. for me for example a lot of memories bring fresh baked bread with butter... I remember when my granparents used to take care of me (while my parents were at work) they would buy a fresh (still warm) loaf of sourdough bread and yummy great quality polish butter (not margarine, or any butter substitute) and I could eat a half of that bread with butter myself... with a little help from my grandpa. thinking back I feel like those are the best foods I've ever had... with my granparents. So simple, so great, but I think that with great people around you the food taste great. and my grandparents (especially my gradfather) were the best people around me when I was a child.

John Guzlowski said...

Thanks for the post. The food we ate as children stays with us so long. I remember my Polish mother making soft boiled eggs for breakfast and lunch and sometimes even dinner. It was simple and quick--something a working mother could make that would feed us well.

momphotographer said...

It's my again. Just stopped by to say that I had a dream where you were in it.
I was in my home town living there at the place where I grew up, and you moved in... I mean, you move to live on the same street. I was soooo happy to have you there...
I'm reading "The Forgotten Language: An Introduction to the Understanding of Dreams, Fairy Tales, and Myths" by Erich Fromm... and know I'm trying to figure it out what my dream ment ;-)
Have a great day!

Polish Mama on the Prairie said...

Aww, that's sweet! You never know where life leads people, I have a brother on the West Coast. Or maybe we are meant to work together on a cookbook or something? lol

Mom Photographer said...

o yeah!!! cookbook! that's right! lol