01 June 2011

Wordless Wednesday: A Surprise in the Mail

After a full day of prekindergarten joys, laundry, playing in the sun, cleaning out my younger daughter's closet of outgrown clothing, and playing at the park, we came home yesterday in the beginnings of a heavy Midwest Prairie thunderstorm. 

Standing in the rain, I opened the mailbox and saw a beige package.  Who doesn't love mail from family?

And a picture of the Apricot Knedle (Potato Dumplings) I made the other day with a recipe tomorrow to share here...

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Liz said...

Care packages are THE best! And I LOVE the dress!

Anonymous said...

O MY!!! that package looks great. love the dress, it's beautiful.
The apricot knedle looks like I really need to know the recipe.
Have a great day! and thank you form visiting my blog :)
Przesyłam uściski

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh! I need a package like that or maybe I should be sending one. :)

Bees With Honey said...

I love getting packages in the mail. You got a lot of good stuff. Waiting on that recipe:)))

Anonymous said...

Awesome package! I love getting things in the mail.

Van said...

nice photos!

via Lovely Photo Wednesday

Light Trigger

Liv V. said...

Milka is the best! What a lovely surprise.

Rima said...

That is a most excellent care package! I love the little dress. And "Pure" is one of my favorite perfumes.