02 August 2011

New Keyboard

Last week, I dumped (accidentally, of course) liquid on the keyboard.  I should be getting a new waterproof keyboard tomorrow.  In the meantime, it's been impossible to write.  Thank you all for being patient with me and supportive!

Na razie...


Lisa Noel said...

Did you get the roll up kind or a regular keyboard that's waterproof

Heather said...

Hey, it's too late for Śmingus Dyngus! Ha Ha
I know the pain of wet keyboard. Hope you get it soon.

Heather said...

Hi Polish Mama
this comment is not related to your keyboard post, but here are some pictures you might like to see and share when you can.


I actually have a book by this photographer, called Miedzy Wami Polakami. It's probably out of print, but great photos from the 80s.

I'm enjoying your blog. I should blog more myself.

na razie,