03 August 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Solidarnosc Souvenir?

I found this with some other pictures and items in an envelope from items my parents probably don't realize they had when they moved.

I darkened the scan a bit so you could see.  It looks like old stamps on a piece of paper.

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LMG said...

That is way cool. And a historical treasure for sure. When my hubby was in Gdansk the last time (June), he was doing some consulting work at the same hospital that Lech Walesa was in as a patient. They were very vague about what he was in for but he was hospitalized for a couple of weeks. My hubby did not see him, but saw all the media and hoopla when he was released. When we lived in Gdansk, we always kept our eyes open around his office in Old Town, but we never did see him! The crosses with the anchor, the anchor symbol and the image of Lech Walesa are powerful representations of history that changed the world. And so many people are completely clueless about the meaning. Thanks for sharing!