25 October 2011

Marcal Small Steps Giveaway and Our Week So Far

Last week, we started the Marcal Small Steps Giveaway.  I used random.org to generate a random winner number. 

"True Random Number Generator14"

#14 is Hyacynth of Undercover Mother.  Congratulations!

I am the classroom mom this year for my older daughter's classroom and their Halloween party is coming up so we have spent the last few days getting ready, shopping, cutting out countless circles, triangles, and squares for their Halloween themed crafts.

Did you know that Halloween is a holiday specific to the USA? It's not very popular in Poland but is slowly gaining momentum. After all, Poles love Autumn and the harvest as well. And children the world over enjoy dressing up and eating candy.
We also tagged along for their field trip to a local farm.  I will be sharing pictures tomorrow.

The coyotes, deer and flock birds have been out in full force this week.  We even watched a red tailed Hawk be harassed by a pair of crows this morning.   Thankfully, our friendly neighbor skunk has stopped using an area of our house against a wall for a toilet although it would be nice to catch a peek of him/her out of our window out of spraying reach while walking so that I could photograph him/her.

But every time we spot the wildlife, either in our yard or while on a walk or driving, I never seem to have my camera at close reach.  I hope to have some photos of them to share with you with week.

I also recorded Lake Michigan during a "Tropic Storm Force Warning" that covered our region a couple of days ago and will be sharing that this week.  Around this time every year, Lake Michigan changes from a tranquil clear clean blue (with fierce and silent undertow) to a tumultuous and dangerous gray unlike anything I had ever seen before in my life.  It's beautiful but fierce.

It has been a busy week for sure.  What have you been doing this week so far?  Are you getting ready for Halloween?

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