24 January 2012

People You Didn't Know Are Polish: Rocket from Little Einsteins

While watching TV today with my 2 year old (yes, I let my children watch TV), I noticed that Rocket from Disney's Little Einsteins is Polish.

The episode in question is called "Little Red Rockethood".

The episode places the Little Einsteins in Bialowieza, Poland.  Rocket's Grandma lives there and is sick with a cold.  I'm going to call her "Babcia".  If she lives in Bialowieza, most likely she is Polish, after all.

Also, something subtle I must point out.  Rocket is red.  It's a very subtle thing that Poles like to sometimes do to acknowledge their heritage, the color red.  In fact, I have a love for red leather boots and purses myself.

The "Rocket Soup" the group brings to Rocket's Babcia looks suspiciously like Barszcz Czysty.  When you watch the video, tell me what you think.

German/Polish version of the tale of Little Red Riding Hood.

Sadly, Disney didn't think to use a Polish composer or painter for this episode.

More information about Bialowieza (UNESCO).

Na razie...


Three Ballerinas said...

Loved reading this- I'm 100% Polish too- just happened to have been born here in the US - third generation Pole-:) Glad I found your blog- I'll be reading - !

Laura and Brian said...

Hmm, I wonder if that was why my husband chose to go to Univ of Wisconsin....all that red! He's got Polish ancestry too.