24 January 2012

Ukraine's Orange Revolution Memory

I remember a few years ago while working at an Export shipping company, a Ukrainian group of customers came in. The date was January 24, 2005.

I will never forget them. I smiled as I greeted them, noticed they were Ukrainian and said "Congratulations. Pomarancheva. Viva Ukraina." Silent tears welled up in their eyes and they nodded stiffly.

They asked me if I was Polish and I nodded yes. They shook my hand and I will freely admit that my eyes started to tear a bit with them. This moment probably meant nothing to the other workers and customers there at that moment. But it didn't matter. It meant something to us.

And in that moment, this tiny bleep of a moment that will never be recorded in any history books and which does not need to be, one of the men of this group of Ukrainian immigrants clasped my hand, pointed to me and said "Krasnoludki. PomaraƄczowa. Poland." No other words needed to be said.

Na razie...

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