10 February 2012

Introducing My Hippy Husband

I thought I could share with you some of my husband's insights on being married to this Polish Mama. 


This week, he has called my Tato (my father) a "Professional Polish Man".  The logic being that since I "blog about being a Professional Polish Woman, [my] Tato is a Professional Polish Man".  Also, he was asking some questions about mead.


For Christmas, he bought my Tato a bottle of $80 Polish mead and another more reasonably priced bottle of raspberry mead.  Because it's Polish and he googled Polish liquor.  It was delicious, by the way.


While watching a TV show, he proclaimed "This must be in Poland!"

I asked him why and his answer was that he saw the words "Polski".

When I asked what Polski means, he stated that he had no idea but it was definitely something Polish.

Actually, what he saw was "Poliici" on the back of a Finnish Polish man's uniform.  It means Police in Finnish.


When he doesn't recognize a recipe and catches me taking pictures of it, he assumes it's Polish.


He calls trips to Poland "vacation" but I call it "seeing my family".  Vacation and seeing your family are not the same thing.


He buys me red and green lentils and other "odd" ingredients from the local ethnic store and assumes I know what to do with it.  Sometimes, I do.


He likes James Brown... And Rick James.  I can't really tell either apart.  He can't tell the difference between Bach and Beethoven.

Na razie...

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Megryansmom said...

My husband drives in the city and he used to call me when he saw the Paczki do Polski signs. He thought they were pączki LOL