13 February 2012

The Grammys Mean I'm Communist

Last night, I was subjugated to watching the Grammys.  My hippy husband put the show on in the bedroom while I was wanting to read a book about Siberian history.  Loudly.

At one point, the Hall of Fame inductees (I think that's what it was?) came on.  I recognized Diane Ross and The Allman Brothers, naturally.  But I quietly mumbled "I don't even know who these people are."

My husband turned his head and said "You don't know George Jones?!" as if I was saying I had never heard of someone who affected human life as we speak, such as Gandhi.

He then promptly proclaimed me a Communist and said I'm anti-American.

A few minutes before, someone had come on singing "Rhinestone Cowboy".  I had no idea that was a real song.

Apparently, I'm supposed to be familiar with the songs that were popular in Amerika while my family was living under the USSR Communist yoke in Poland, not aware that eventually we would be moving to a country where George Jones should be known.

I don't think I can get back the two hours wasted watching the Grammys.

Welcome to my life.

I'm not cool.

Na razie...


Linda said...

As usual, Kasia, your blog is well written. You are an engaging observer, and I must say, I agree with you. However, and this is crucial, I think it would help you to skew your interpretations a bit in order to let yourself be a little bit more light-hearted and look at things in a more positive note. For instance, you write that you cannot get back the two hours you wasted watching the Grammys. May I put forth that you did not waste those hours. You observed. And you wrote about it. (I didn't watch the Grammys myself. I, like you, am not really interested, but I have watched them and I keep up with that kind of pop culture peripherally just to know what's happening in the society around me). File that information you gained in your mind, because there is always information to be gained in any experience, and it will give you greater understanding at some point in some capacity. Your husband's comments are complete bupkis, so file them away, too, far away, and laugh it off. Husbands have a way of speaking like that. I'm not a big sports fan, but I always know who wins the World Series. My sister, who is also not a sports fan, and I give a little Super Bowl party each year because her husband, who is a veterinarian, loves it and we have friends who also love it. We just like making the food and seeing everybody happy. Anyway, I'm blithering, but it's kind of like reading the Bible. It doesn't matter what your personal beliefs are or how you choose to interpret it. Even atheists should know the Bible. It's an important book to our society and helps us understand different aspects of our society as we encounter them. I wished you lived closer than Chicago! We could be friends, I know. And also remember that you are Polish, like me, and we carry with us a kind of genetic sadness born of the history of that people. It's something we have to live with but we can try to find things that make us smile along the way, too. Love to you,
Linda Cunningham

Megryansmom said...

I'm not cool right there with you. Who is Nicki Minaj? Furthermore who really cares!

Anonymous said...

Right there with you, simply because I choose to not watch tv. We don't have cable/satellite simply because I find it a waste of time/money and most of it is pointless(commercials) or sad(news).

Winterwood said...

I would be the same if I went to poland and saw a polish grammys... being brought up in the west I wouldnt know any of the polish singers either..well I know a few but not as well as the UK /USA ones! what a great post!

Mom Photographer said...

I'm not cool, either. Grammy?! What's that?! lol

These days I actually don't watch ony of those... They're getting more and more stupid with more and more stupid people in them.

For me it's enough to watch the news the day after and I know everything I wanted to know :)