10 April 2012

Easter Leftovers

If you are like me, you have leftovers from Easter, such as hard boiled eggs, kielbasa (smoked and fresh which has been steamed or boiled), bread and a few other leftovers which need to be eaten.

I decided to share with you some ideas of what can be done with those foods.  Remember, if you had any of these blessed at the church, you aren't supposed to just throw them away if you can't eat them all.

Our Easter table this year


Remove whatever bread is leftover from the bag and allow to dry or toast.  Since it's Tuesday, it's best to do this quickly because your bread will be growing mold soon anyway. 

Use the bread to make breadcrumbs.

Use in an a la Polonaise topping for cooked vegetables or sweet fruit filled dumplings.

Make Chicken Kiev as a welcome break from all the pork and sausage.

Polish Breaded Pork Chops or Kotlety Schabowe

Or, search "bread crumbs" on my blog in the right hand column to find other uses.


Polish Stuffed Eggs in Shells or Jajka Faszerowane w Skorupkach (think deviled eggs but with a delicious twist)  This would also use some of the bread crumbs you made.

Polish Potato Salad or Sałatka Warzywna

Pea and Corn Salad or Sałatka z Groszki i Kukurydzy


Fasolka po Bretonsku or Breton Beans

Polish Hunter's Stew or Bigos

Or, cut up and put in Spaghetti or use to top a home made pizza.

I plan on making a pot of Zurek today and will share the recipe later this week.


You can add into the Pea and Corn Salad or Polish Potato Salad you are making (see above).


Make Cheese Stuffed Zucchini to help your family recover from all the candy they ate this past weekend.

Also, check out this American creation meant to use up traditional Polish Easter ingredients, called a "Smigus-Dyngus Casserole".

What other leftovers do you have?  How do you plan to use them?


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