16 December 2010

Ways to Use A La Polonaise - In the Polish Style

Vegetables and other dishes can be delicious plain and simple but sometimes need an easy, quick, and healthy way to dress them up.  A la polonaise is a great way to do that.

Let's take Cauliflower as an example.  Simply steam it.  While that is cooking, in a seperate dry pan, lightly toast bread crumbs.  Melt butter into it until it is well mixed but not soaked.  If you like, add a squeeze of lemon.  Top your cauliflower with this topping.  And you are done.

You can add chopped parsley and chopped boiled egg, if you like, as well, which is still in keeping with the a la polonaise style.

You can do this with asparagus, which I would recommend the lemon squeeze for this.  Also, green beans, sugar snap peas, steamed carrots, and other vegetables are lovely with the a la polonaise garnishing.

The term "a la polonaise" is french but means "In the Polish style".  This is a term from when many Poles were living in France and the fashion was influenced by this, with this garnish and with the clothing style also known as "a la polonaise".  It also became fashionable due to Frederic Chopin's ( in Polish, Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin) Mazurka's swept through Paris and the rest of the world with their lively tempos and an exotic beat which has always been in the hearts of Poles.  Now, that short history lesson over, Smacznego!

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