04 January 2011

My Husband's First Meal in Poland at a Small Road Side Restaurant

We were driving with my Wujek and cousins from Warsaw to my home city, a 6 hour drive depending on traffic and any road work that may be going on at the time.  We decided to take a break to eat.

It was a small house made of all beautiful wood, on the side of the road, no obtrusive gaudy signs screaming for miles, just a wooden sign offering a rest for food to passersby.  It was clean inside, not extremely large, perhaps enough for about a dozen dinners. 

At the cashier window inside (the staff inside consisted of a father and his two grown daughters, a family owned business), my Wujek ordered a meal for each of us.  Typical Polish food, fresh, honest, affordable, and delicious.  Kotleti Schabowe, boiled and buttered potatoes with dill, beet salads, carrot salads, bottled carbonated water. 

My Wujek and cousins ate all of their food, and they are not heavy people.  Rather, my cousins are built slim as I am.  While my husband tried very determinedly to eat his entire first real Polish meal and successfully ate it all, I enjoyed it immensely but was unsuccessful in finishing it, I can only eat so much.  In Polish culture, it is rude to not finish all your meal.  But I thought I would burst if I ate another bite.

The Polish answer to our driving through a fast food joint during our travels.  The day this is no longer the typical road side stop for getting a bite to eat in Poland is the day my beloved Poland has turned for the worse.  Thankfully, I don't see that happening.

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OHmommy said...

This makes me miss Poland so much, I am so hungry tight now. LOL.