11 February 2011

Polish Beef Pot Roast One Way (Peasant Style)

Technically, this Pot Roast is inspired by the Peasant Style (Wolowina Duszona po chlopsku or wiejsku), however, I did not add the Rye Sour, which would have made it delicious as well.  I plan to make it again with the Rye Sour very soon and will share at that time.

So, my husband saw a ridiculously large piece of beef and bought it.  Here is the recipe I made with it.


1 large piece of Pot Roasting Beef
Vegetable Oil
1 packet of Mushrooms
2 Shallots (see Notes)
Rye Sour, Water, Red Wine or Beef Broth
Sour Cream or Sweet Cream

Marjoram and Bay Leaf or
Polish Hunter's Seasoning

First, the Meat did not fit in my pan, so I had to cut out the largest bone.  I froze this for making Beef Broth another time.

Of course, because I got a bit grumpy about having to cut the Beef and not being sure if my Dutch Oven could hold everything, I forgot to dry the Beef and dust it with Flour before I went to brown it nicely in the Vegetable Oil.  But, I suggest that you do it that way.  Remove meat to the side for a moment.

Remove oil with a tablespoon, leaving behind the drippings.  Add back the Beef.

Clean and chop the Mushrooms.  Add to pot.

Slice the Shallots and (optional, caramelize in Butter) add to pot.

Add Seasonings.  Cover and simmer on stove for a couple of hours until very tender.

Pull out bones, Bay Leaves, and if using Polish Hunter's Seasoning, the Juniper and Allspice berries.  Add Sour Cream or Sweet Cream.

I decided to serve with Roasted Acorn Squash and lightly Mashed Potatoes, but I think a green salad of some sort or sauerkraut would have been delicious with it.

Note:  Can use Sweet Onion, Shallots or Leeks, whichever you like...

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