24 March 2011

Polish Stuffed Eggs in Shells or Jajka Faszerowane w Skorupkach

This recipe is one of several versions in Polish Cuisine which stuffs eggs.  It's very simple and economical to make.  Also, it makes for a wonderful presentation at parties. 

Since Easter is coming, perhaps this is a dish you would like to add to your Easter table instead of the typical boiled eggs or deviled eggs. 

Once, I brought Polish Stuffed Eggs in Shells, pre-stuffed, and fried at a friend's party.  I received many compliments for it and have since been asked for the recipe many times for at least a year now.  I think I've held those ladies in suspense long enough.


3 hard boiled Eggs, cooled in running water
1 Tablespoon Butter, Sour Cream, or Mayonnaise
Pinch of Salt and Pepper
Breadcrumbs to dip top into
Butter to fry in

Pinch to a Tablespoon (suit to your personal taste) of any combination of the following*:
Caramelized Onions, Caramelized LeeksChivesMarjoramDill, Mustard

Place cooled egg on folded kitchen towel.  With sharp (not serated) knife, give a swift crack along the egg then cut through egg.

Remove eggyolks and mash well with fork in a bowl.  Add all ingredients, except breadcrumbs and butter for frying, mix well.

Remove eggwhite without breaking shell.  Chop the cooked eggwhite very well and mix in with other ingredients.

Clean off any ragged edges as best you can on eggshells.  Stuff with filling. 

Press into breadcrumbs and fry in butter, breadcrumbs side down, until the shell is hot.

Serve immediately with good bread and butter, scooping out of shell to eat.  Do Not Eat Shells.


* The herbs can be either fresh or dry, whichever you prefer or have on hand.

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jccraia said...

Is there a video somewhere showing the technique to crack the eggs and prep the shells? Never saw anything like it - cool!

Unknown said...

Good question! I will see if one exists online for such a method. Otherwise, I will see if I can record my own hands doing so (but with no stand, we shall see if it's possible to do).

Michal Czarnecki said...

My mother made a variant of those each spring. Now, she always said that there is no way to mess up a recipe by adding too much bacon or too much butter. The bacon addition didn't make this dish too Lent friendly so after Easter all bets were off.

stephanie said...

I'm fascinated. I love devilled eggs and would like to give this a whirl but am completely intimidated by the whole swift sharp slicing of the shell thing.

Unknown said...

Stephanie, as you can see by my pictures, I totally failed in that this time, lol. My baby was tugging on my legs the whole time.

Just hold it with the folded towel (protects fingers), and give a unhesitating crack with the sharp side of the knife the whole way around. Then, lay down and cut through that section. I think I need to do a video clip of it. I just hate showing my hands because I'm self-conscious of a burn on one from childhood, to be honest.

Unknown said...

try to link-up with those blogs, too. It's right up you alley :-)


Carri said...

That sounds heavenly but the shell thing intimidates me!

Unknown said...

I remember these at my grandmother's house! I hadn't thought of them in years.

Sarah said...

Hubby and kids are freaks for eggs! I'm definitely giving this one a whirl! Thanks!

Stopping by from Sunday Funday!

Dana K said...

This sounds delicious - I can't see any pictures, though...

Trying to crack the eggshell is intimidating but I'd be willing to just stuff the mix in my piehole and call it a day.

(found you through Sunday Funday)

Unknown said...

Dana, thank you so much for letting me know. I'm not sure what that was about but it was easily fixed. Don't think too much about the cracking of the eggshells, just try. You can see mine are not perfect either.

Here is a video of someone else doing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nk3VEB-MW2M It's not the only method, of course.

Also, I am aware I mispelled Eggshells in the beginning of the video. But, running short on time with two children, I am allowing myself one of very few and rare typos. I hope others will understand...

Unknown said...

Amazing! Never heard of anything quite like this, but it looks good! Thanks for linking up to the Barn Hop!

Louise Marie said...

i am so glad i found you! My Polish parents would have loved this recipe. However, they are both passed on to a better place. i don't remember them ever cooking this, but i sure am going to try.

jccraia said...

Thanks for posting that video.
I get it now and will certainly give it a try and report back!