24 August 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Someone's Been Eating The Food

I am so happy that my toddler loves her vegetables. 

She seems to also have an interest in the art of cooking.  Whenever I am in the kitchen (it seems like 1/2 the day), she grabs a dining room chair and stands on it on the other side of the counter.  Watching.

And sampling.

I would peel one vegetable into my scraps bowl in the sink, drop it in the mixing bowl on the counter, turn back to peel the next, and turn back to find...


When I asked her who had been eating my ogórki (ogoorkey, Polish for cucumbers), she would laugh and cover her mouth.  Not to hide the evidence, but to contain the delicious vegetables that Mama had peeled and presented just for her to eat in such a big pretty yellow bowl, how nice of Mama to think of her.

She would then hop off the chair, come around to Mama, grab my kitchen towel, wipe her hands and face, pat my legs while smiling up at me and say "Keh-yem, Mommy!" (toddler-speak for Dziekujem, Polish for Thank you) and walk off to cause mischief elsewhere.

A few minutes later, I would be turning back to drop in another peeled ogórek and there would be more mysterious bites missing from them.

I did not get pictures of the decimated plum cake I made 2 evening ago and which she was attacking all day whenever my back was turned.  She even enlisted her sisters help a few times with it.

Children...  I swear I feed them.


Bill said...

The phantom vegetable bandit strikes again!

Lisa Noel said...

hard to complain about a veggie eating toddler!!

Rima said...

That is so adorable! And I'm not surprised she's a chef-in-training - just look at her talented mama!

King of New York Hacks said...

Very cute...I do the same thing only with Cheeseburgers. :)