15 September 2011

A Polish Children's Song to Start the Day

My older daughter woke up at 7:15, rubbing her eyes and complaining that she was very tired. Normally, she wakes up at 6:30 with a bright smile and is ready to tackle the day.

I racked my brain of everything I remember as a child to get her charged up and ready for school.

I had been waiting to sing this song to her to wake her from bed ever since she started school but she has always been out of bed before I could wake her.

In front of her, eye contact, and...

Ćwierkają wróbelki od samego rana
Ćwir, ćwir Hej ty, Kasiu, gdzie idziesz kochana? 
A Kasia śpiewała, śmiejąc się wesoło
Szkolny rok się zaczął więc idę się do szkoły!


Sparrows are chirping from the early morning
Tweet, tweet Hi you, Kasiu, Where are you going, my love?
 Yet Kasia sang, laughing to herself happily
The school year has begun so I'm going to school!

I gave her a hug and a kiss, said Goodmorning to her and asked "So, do you feel awake now and ready to go?"  She gave me a big smile and bounced away to get dressed quickly.

My toddler reached for me and I picked her up.  She bounced in my arm, "Again!" and I sang it to her, her smile making me feel like a SuperMama. 

It was just a little song my Mama would sing to me and my brother while we would get dressed to go to school, the birds singing in the branches of the tree outside our apartment window.  I can't believe I remember these words.

And now for something fun, I found this on youtube and played it for the girls to dance to as soon as they were both dressed and they loved it.

Time for breakfast and the morning scramble.  Have a great day!  Dzień dobry i...

Na razie...

I used Kasia in the song since it's my first name. 

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Unknown said...

Well if that doesn't put us in a good mood this morning, nothing will! Dziekujemy!