23 December 2011

A Christmas Gift Idea-Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla Sugar, or Cukier Waniliowy (pronounced Tsook-ee-er Van-eelov-ih), is a great homemade gift for Christmas.

With Christmas coming in just a couple of days and the stores loaded with gifts that often times just don't quite suit the loved one you are shopping for, a homemade gift can be a great idea instead. 

Vanilla Sugar can be made and gifted to your child's school teacher, mailman, your neighbors, your Babcia, anyone.

You can make it with two different types of Sugars.

Powdered Sugar is perfect for dusting on cakes and cookies.

Granulated Sugar is perfect for flavoring coffee, adding to baked goods instead of plain sugar, and other drinks.

Make it a week or two ahead, if you have time.  If not, you can let the recipient know to wait a couple of weeks to let the flavors develop more. 

Place it in a pretty jar with a ribbon and a note that when the sugar starts running low, to just add more sugar.  The vanilla pods will keep flavoring the sugar until they lose their scent.


1-3 cups of Sugar
2-3 Vanilla Pods

Cut up the Vanilla Pods into 1/2" to 1" chunks (that way, the flavor is released but they are still large enough to be noticed and not accidentally taken out of the jar with a tablespoon of sugar).

Place in a pretty jar.  Add sugar.  Mix it up.

Keep in a cool, dry place with the lid on tight.


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1 comment:

Verena said...

That is a wonderful idea! Here we can by vanilla sugar and its used for baking. I know they don´t have it in the states.
Thanks for sharing!