26 March 2012

Kanapki 101

In Poland, sandwiches are called Kanapki (pronounced Kah-Nahp-key) and are similar to Canapes.  The sandwiches tend to be open faced, on good bread and with various toppings.

Here is just one example of a kanapka I've made for the kids.

Pumpernickel bread, mayonnaise, hard boiled egg, diced red bell pepper, curly parsley, salt and pepper.

Kanapki use up whatever ingredients a cook might have in her kitchen. 

Here are some suggestions:

Rye bread, farmers cheese, thin slices of radish, diced green onion, pepper, paprika

White country bread, butter, morski cheese, slices of bell pepper, dots of ketchup

Rye bread, slice of ham, lettuce, slices of polish dill pickle, dot of horseradish mustard

Rey bread, slices of gypsy kielbasa, pickled tomato slices, slices of yellow cheese, dots of mayonnaise

Country bread, cottage cheese, chopped curly parsley, hard boiled egg, green onion

Kanapki are very easy to make and can cost as much and take as much effort as you like.  They make an excellent idea for a platter at a party.  My cousins and I have always spent a few short minutes in the kitchen quickly and effortlessly whipping up some kanapki to pass around for all to nibble on.

I hope you try this for your Easter table or next gathering.  Or, do as I do at lunch time, present them to your children as fancy Polish tea party sandwiches, pinkies out of course.

Na razie...

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

LOVE IT! I Love my kanapki with fried or hard boiled egg. Those are sooooooooooo good :) My husband always makes fun of me for that.
Whenever you throw a party in Poland, open faced kanapki are always on a table. oH... great memories!