29 October 2012

American Pierogi Stuffing

While I don't have a photo to share of the stuffing, I thought I would share the recipe for a stuffing that my Czech friend's husband described as "What I'm used to".  In other words, the ingredients are like those found in the frozen food section.  Except these are homemade and fresh.

We spent a few hours in their kitchen a week ago, mixing up various stuffings and kneading, rolling, and cutting the dough. 

The week prior was her family's amazing knedliky recipe, or knedle in Polish.  I'm hungry recalling how delicious those were.  I think I will have the recipe to share in a few days with you.


2-3 red or yellow Potatoes, cubed, boiled, mashed
1/2 cup shredded medium Cheddar
1/4 cup Bacon *
1/4 of a Sweet Onion, chopped and fried in smalec
1/4 cup minced Curly Parsley (or less)
Salt and Pepper

Boiled pierogi ready to be devoured.

My recipe for the pierogi dough, as well as Ruskie Pierogi.

Pierogi cut outs ready to be stuffed...

* I usually chop up and fry a package of bacon and keep it in a sealed container inside of the refrigerator.  Then, I can just grab some for my recipes throughout the week.  And of course I save the bacon fat.


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Lauren said...

Yum! Although my absolute favorite are the sauerkraut! But I may have to give these a try!