28 November 2011

Mushroom Soup With Letfovers From Thanksgiving

Every year for Thanksgiving, I make Busia's Mushrooms for my husband.  While living in Baltimore, I usually made about 15 pounds worth every year for about 8-12 people. 

This year in Illinois, I made 10 pounds for 5 people, two of whom are young children.  So, my husband has a larger amount of mushrooms for himself, which he gloats over and eats.

My Tato wanted to have some soup made with the mushrooms for himself and I thought to share the recipe.  It's extremely simple and still satisfying.


2 cups of Busia's Mushrooms
16 oz. of Beef or Chicken Broth
pinch of Curly Parsley
Pepper to taste
1/4 teaspoon of Vegeta, if you like
Sour Cream

In a food processor, add the Mushrooms and a bit of the broth.  Finely chop.

In a crock pot or small saucepan, add the chopped Mushrooms, all the remaining broth, the curly parsley, pepper and Vegeta.

Cook on low for a while until the flavors have developed.

Serve with a dollop or two of Sour Cream mixed in.



You do not need Vegeta for this recipe, it's merely an ingredient my Tato grew up with and on occasion enjoys in his soups. 

If you find that the recipe could use a certain something instead, you could add a small bit of celery, carrot, garlic and onion into the food processor as well, enough to make no more than about a 1/4 cup total after being chopped.  You don't want the soup to be dominated by any added ingredients, just to help bring out the flavors of the Mushroom Soup.

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