14 December 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Frozen Pond

I promised yesterday I would post some photos that were possibly of December 13, 1981's "Martial Law" but after looking closer, I realized they must have been taken closer to the end of the USSR's Communist regime in Poland.

I can share them another day.

Instead, I will celebrate today's temperatures being in the 50's with photos of our small fish pond frozen over.

Every once in a while, we can briefly see the goldfish, catfish and snails in there but they for the most part are cowering in the plants and bravely trying to make it through the winter.

In the meantime, geese keep coming over and walking on the pond.  Shouldn't they have flown south for the winter?

Na razie...

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May said...

This side, it's still pretty warm!!! We are experiencing the wettest December ever!!!

Hyacynth said...

50 degrees in December. Who'd have thought? Enjoy your days.