07 January 2011

Other Sites I Love About Poland

I can't write this blog without writing a list of some sites which I really enjoy reading.  These are not Blogging Mom sites, these are sites which offer useful information about Poland, Polish Americans (the Polonia), and our culture.

First and formost, the Official Promotional Website of The Republic of Poland
This site has lots of interesting and useful information.  The public holidays of Poland, news, beautiful photos, information about towns and areas, and lots more.  There are also some very insightful videos of the perspectives of some tourists from various countries around the world in Poland.  The official description is "poland.gov.pl is the official promotional website of the Republic of Poland run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in English."

Another website is the Polish National Tourist Office

Poland's Ministry of Culture website that catalogs wartime losses. You can see which works have been recovered, and browse through information on those that haven't - including royal pocket watches from the 17th &18th centuries; intricate chalices; a gorgeous wedding dress from the early 19th century; sculptures & paintings. Website visitors can also submit any information they may have on missing works.

Another site I enjoy is about my hometown, Wroclaw

Polish Culture Forums , which I visit and write in and which is chock full of information about Poland and Polonia

Piast Institute, an organization who's goal is to build a New Polonia (which I look forward to)

An organization making great strides to spread the word about Poland and it's amazing people and culture, The Kosciuszko Foundation

A site that is in the works which I am interested in

A blog written by a Polish gentleman in London who is writing about true Poland, not the stereotypes or wrong information

Another great blog about Poland...  And be sure to check out the widget on my sidebar that teaches you a Polish word each day, courtesy of

A Blog about European Facts

A Website written for Polish Americans living in Texas (but just because you aren't from the Lone Star State, doesn't mean you won't enjoy it!) which I have also contributed to.

A site following Poland's EU Presidency http://pl2011.eu/en

Many of these sites also have facebook fan pages and twitter accounts, so you can keep up to date with them. 

I hope you check these sites out.  There are many more which I have not yet listed but keep checking back!

Also, I have not been compensated monetarily or with any gifts from any of these sites, I just really enjoy them and wanted to spread the word.

Perhaps you will feel inspired to visit Poland.  Or, become an active member of the Polonia.  If so, feel free to share your story with me.

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