08 February 2011

Zupa Mleczna or Polish Milk Noodles

I love when readers ask me about a particular dish they remember but don't know how to make.  A reader on Twitter, ADD Housewife, asked me about a dish her "Grandma" ate growing up called "Milk Noodles".  I have a feeling that it is probably Zupa Mleczna (pronounced Zoopah Mleh-ch-nah and meaning Milk Soup), which is a very simple and old recipe.

Before you turn your nose up at it, I want to say that it is extremely similar to rice pudding.  In fact, Zupa Mleczna can be made with many different types of Noodles, Rice, or Kasza Manna (my mother's preferred way).  So, you could call it Polish Rice Pudding.  My father, as one example, enjoys left over Kasza Gryczana from the night before in his.  Some people also instead place a stale slice of Bread in theirs.  This would not be that grocery store sliced White Bread kind, but rather, a heartier Country Bread.


2 cups Milk
2 tablespoons Butter
1 cup Kluski
pinch of Salt
1-2 tablespoons Sugar

Optional:  1/2 teaspoon of Ground Cinnamon

Melt Butter in Saucepan.  I like mine browned just a bit, to add another flavor to the Zupa Mleczna, but you really don't need to brown it.  Add Milk.

When Milk has been brought to a boil, add Noodles and the pinch of Salt.

On Medium Low Heat, keep stirring repeatedly until Noodles are cooked to the consistency you like them.  I cooked mine softer since the Baby will be eating them with me today.

Add the Sugar, and if you like, Ground Cinnamon.

Stir together.  Doesn't that look like Rice Pudding, but with Noodles instead?

Serve either hot or warm, depending on how you like it.  Baby eats hers warm, since she is a Baby. 

This dish is great for cold winter mornings, or when someone is sick.  It also makes a great quick supper.  I mentioned that we Poles eat Supper, right?  You know, Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Dinner and Supper...  And, don't forget, we Poles have meatless dishes quite often in our diet, this being one.



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Anonymous said...

In my home we make Zupa Mleczna for fastings, for example a day before Christmasv (because it's not healthy to not eat anything at all and then eat the all big Cristmas' Eve Supper, so instead of real fasting, we eat the Zupa Mleczna). But we make it very simple: warm milk, breadroll in little pieces and just a little bit of sugar. It's quite good, actually, and fit for fastings ;)

Your version seems very good! And rather cheap and fast, so perfect for a student ;)

KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

That looks really good--I love rice pudding so I bet "noodle pudding" would be just as tasty!