04 April 2011

Guest Post on Mummy in Provence

Today, I have the honor of being a guest on a blog, Mummy in Provence.  MiP lives in Southern France with her baby and husband, although her heritage is not French.  She talks about Breastfeeding, Elimination Communication, Baby Led Weaning, living in a foreign country and in general, is very interesting to read and talk to. 

Her series, The Global Differences in Baby-Making, has featured fascinating Mummys (or Mamas as I call them) in Qatar, Turkey, and France, with many more to come, I am sure.  Of course, when Mummy in Provence was looking for guest posts I jumped at the chance, as a fellow Breastfeeding, Elimination Communication, Babywearing, Immigrant Mummy/Mama.  Please check out my post about being a Polish Mama in the US and comment.

Also, I will be sharing my recipes for Fresh Mushrooms Soup and Stuffed Rolled Beef in the Warsaw Style shortly...

Na razie!


Anonymous said...

I read you guest post, and working on writing a comment! but I'm kind of busy and have to stop now and then!
and I'm working on my potato pancakes post for you, but first need to make them to take some pictures!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your guest post! It's a fantastic insight and I am sure many mothers will find it just as interesting and insightful as I have!

Thanks for the lovely mention on your blog! Now I am honoured!