29 August 2011

My First Plum Cake Ever

I have always wanted to bake a delicious Plum Cake but never had a recipe for it. 

I recently found a Polish Plum Cake Recipe (Placek z Sliwkami) recipe by Barbara Rolek.

I changed the recipe a bit since I was short on some ingredients.

I used whole wheat flour instead of unbleached flour like I would typically use in a cake recipe.  I also only had 4 plums and a handful of blueberries.

Before baking...

Did you spot my mistakes yet?  I pushed the fruits too deep into the dough, used a much too small pan (a 11/5 by 8 inch pan), and did not have enough anywhere near the needed amount of plums (I used 5 instead of 40, big difference).

Probably because there was a significantly insufficient amount of plums in the recipe, the ground clove came across too strong and gave the cake almost a soapy flavor.  I plan to use just a tiny pinch less next time.

I also ended up baking it for much longer than the recipe called for since the toothpick I kept putting in was coming own with uncooked dough on it.  Which I am thinking perhaps having more plums in next time and having a larger pan might actually fix that next time.

Perhaps using the whole wheat flour isn't such a big deal, I'm not exactly sure.  I think that next time I will mix 1/2 and 1/2 with unbleached flour.

After baking...

And the slice I attempted to photograph while little hands kept grabbing it.

I cannot say the cake was not delicious.  The children kept eating it over the next 24 hours.  Actually, they decimated it.  Destroyed it.  Inhaled it.  Get the picture?  They loved it!

My husband, my Tato (Father) and myself?  We all enjoyed it as well.  But...

It was not the cake I remember my Babcia making.  Nor is it the plum version of the apple cake my cousin made for everyone the last time we were in Poland.  Perhaps with a bit of personal tweaking and my better following of the recipe, it will be.

Perhaps I will be lucky enough that my Babcia will remember long enough to mail me a copy of her recipe.



Anonymous said...

it looks delicious although I am not crazy about cakes with whole wheat flour. I like it in pizza or bread, but not in cakes.
Anyway I really like the idea of using a blueberries with it. It really sounds like a great cake.

Luisa Rodríguez said...

I would never be able to spot any mistakes. I'm a disaster in the kitchen! :P

It definitely looks delicious.


Heather said...

This is great! Plum cake was the first thing I learned to make when I lived in Poland.

btw, it's typically written "ze śliwkami", probably because it's just too hard to say without the extra vowel.


Liv V. said...

I haven't made plum cake in a few years. Reading your post made me want to dig out my recipe again.