30 August 2011

I Love Sesame Street

When I was a little girl growing up in the USA, I wanted to learn English and be able to speak as well as the other children my age. 

The fact that I got picked on for my accent also made me try harder.  Today, I wish I still had that accent, it was adorable (my Tato has video proof of it, I might share some time)!

The best resource I remember was Sesame Street.  The characters were wholesome without being cheesy, the skits were just long enough to understand but not too long so that young children would lose focus, and plenty of sprinklings of education mixed in to the entertainment.

Today, my children have been growing up watching Sesame Street.

And not just Sesame Street.  Also, Play With Me Sesame.


Ulica Sezamkowa, the Polish version of Sesame Street.  We go on YouTube and search either "Ulica Sezamkowa", "Bawmy się Sezamku" or "Swiat Elma" (Elmo's World).

I hope you enjoy this video I found.

Na razie...


Rima said...

Ha! I pretty much learned English by watching Sesame Street!

Unknown said...

Elmo is even more loveable in Polish!

Lisa Noel said...

omg thank you so much for sharing this. I loved it!!! And I also love youtube!!

OHmommy said...

Hahahaha. That's awesome.