12 March 2012

Buckwheat Risotto from "Cuisine PL"

I received a print copy of Cuisine PL in the mail, a cookbook "published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland in the framework of the Polish Presidency in the EU Council (2011)".  You can view the free digital copy in English and Polish.

The first recipe I needed to try from this cookbook was the Buckwheat Risotto (by Kurt Scheller of Akademia Kurta Schellera/Warszawa).

If you are looking for a new recipe to try, I recommend this recipe.

It took about 25 minutes total to make, with only prep work and gently frying the vegetables for about a minute before adding the water to steam (off heat) and then adding the cheese and a little bit of butter.  Extremely easy and could be made on a workday without stress.

Before adding the water and cheese...

This recipe turned out to be perfect as a bed for over easy eggs and some wilted kale.

Kasha Nutrition:

Polish Mamas will tell you "Kasha is good for you."  And it's true. 

Kasha is chock full of nutrients and fiber and a must have in the Polish kitchen.  In fact, in American kitchens right now, many Chefs and Mamas are searching for new grain and carbohydrate ingredients to experiment with and embrace in place of refined bleached flour.  Kasha, in my opinion, should be one of those grains more should try cooking with. 

Of particular interest now for many people is the gluten-free diet, which Buckwheat can fit into nicely and as an inexpensive pseudograin

Here is the FDA's breakdown of nutritional information in 100 grams of Buckwheat groats.

Final Verdict:

Did the family love it?  Yes.  It is now a new family favorite.  The preschooler and Kindergartener both ate all of their Buckwheat Risotto gladly and my American husband did not complain as he ate it either.


I was not in any way compensated for this post and wrote it because I wanted to share with you a recipe I found which we enjoyed and which I feel with confidance that your family will as well.


olivia said...

Thanks for the link to the cookbook! I have been looking all morning for a good recipe for meatless Fasolka but can't find an English version anywhere. I will be looking through the online version right now.

olivia said...

Alas, no Fasolka, the search continues.

Unknown said...

Hi, Olivia. This cookbook doesn't have it but has a ton of other great recipes. For meatless Fasolka po Bretonsku, you would just make the recipe I have online and just leave out the meat. Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

There's some a lot garabage on blogs right now that it really is challenging to locate the true diamonds. Glad i just found one. thanks:)