08 March 2012

Women's Day in Poland (Dzien Kobiet)

Today is Women's Day in Poland, as well as some other former USSR controlled countries.  Actually, it's now an international day.

SMSi (text messages) are flying all over Poland and other countries today with quirky, funny or heartfelt messages wishing women a Happy Womens Day.

I thought I would share some interesting articles and videos today.

"A Flower for Ewa" (History of Dzien Kobiet in Poland)

Washington Post's 10 Ways to Celebrate International Womens Day

I would like to also take this time to remind our politicians that womens rights are not to be messed with.  Don't even think about it.

Gentlemen, I must also remind you that my Babcia told me chocolates and flowers are a requirement for today.  And my Ciocia told me to remind you that carnations are not acceptable (they are a throw back to Communist times when carnations were typically given and are also used in funerals).

Na razie...

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